Topic: Unit 2, OZONE

What is the ozone?

The ozone, O3 is found in the Earth’s atmosphere, particularly in the stratosphere (90%). The concentration of ozone in the atmosphere is very low, only about 3 molecules of ozone every 10 million air molecules. However, this ozone layer still plays a key role in the Earth’s atmosphere and is extremely vital.

Why is it important?

Stratospheric ozone absorbs most of the biologically harmful ultraviolet radiation (UV) by the sun, allowing only a small percentage of UV to reach the Earth’s surface. This absorption of radiation by the ozone is a source of heat, showing that the ozone plays a vital role in determining temperatures within the Earth’s atmosphere. UV radiation also has harmful effects on us humans, plants, marine ecosystems etc. Constant exposure to UV increases the risk of genetic damage on living organisms.

Currently, the earth’s ozone is being depleted and one major reason is the impact of human activities on the ozone. The chemical concepts our group aims to target would be the use of man-made chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and its impact on stratospheric ozone. We would explain what CFCs are, how it is used and how it affects the ozone layer, explaining how CFC acts as a catalyst in the reactions.

Every action that we take has its impacts. Human activities has affected the ozone and similarly, this affected ozone has its implications on our society. We believe that people would take actions to reduce the impact on ozone depletion when they come to realize the seriousness of the situation and the consequences of living in an atmosphere with depleted ozone. Hence, we would explain how this depleted ozone affects humans and other living organisms. With this increase knowledge on the effects that a depleted ozone has on our society, we hope that people would want to take preventive actions. Hence, we would also address what measures are currently in place in our society to try to restore the ozone layer. Our group strongly recommends the reduce in usage of ozone-depleting products. Let us all play a part in reducing our usage because saving the ozone means saving ourselves.

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