About Team

Member List:

1. Team Leader: Nguyen Hong Hai – Material Sciences and Engineering, Year 1

2. Ong Qian Yu – Sport Science & Management, Year 4

3. Chew Yong Huai, Ivin – Biological Sciences, Year 3

4. Chen Yuan Long – Biomedical Engineering, Year 1

5. Cheong Kai Xiang – Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, Year 2

6. Nurulaini Bte Ali – Biological Sciences, Year 2

Team Description:

We are a bunch of fun loving people who are always intrigued by the mysteries of chemistry and its impact on our daily lives. We have one common goal and it’s simple; “Just Pass and have fun!”. We will align our team effort towards this goal together. Our team name was derived from the very fact that all of us have very tight schedules and honestly have difficulties to manage our time for all our modules. With his ability to inspire and lead, our team leader Hong Hai was appointed with an unanimous vote of 5.