His life afterwards.

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Lawrence Anthony returned to Thula Thula and continued living there with his family and workers. Occasionally, he went on business trips to give talks or attend conferences regarding the matter of wildlife conservation.

Together with his colleagues, he also started and worked on several conservation projects, some of which include Wildlife in War Zones as mentioned earlier, the building of a Rhino Orphanage in Zululand to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned rhinos , and Environmental Education and Recycling. More information of these projects can be found at The Earth Organisation website. The projects were continued after his death, and some have follow up programmes that are currently headed by his staff and colleagues. He was also writing his last book, The Last Rhinos, which was only published after his death.

On 2 March 2012, while on a business trip in Johannesburg, Lawrence Anthony suffered a fatal heart attack and passed away in his sleep.

He is survived by his wife Francoise, who is now the Managing Director of Thula Thula , and his two sons. Francoise aims to continue with Lawrence Anthony’s work on wildlife conservation and education.

Lawrence Anthony has left behind a legacy that his fellow people will never forget.

“I don’t think I have a mission in life,” he said. “I just want to hold together the values that are important to us as human beings. The name of the game is to survive and we can’t survive without the plant and animal kingdoms.”

by Dionis Lim

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