Visiting Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve – AY 2019/20 SEM 1

The class visited Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve on September 11th, 2019. After arriving at the nature reserve at around 4pm, the class followed Prof Gumert’s lead and headed east to explore the Coastal Trail. During the visit, students were required to observe how the environment affects their feelings and thoughts, and how they behave while being surrounded by nature. They were encouraged to explore the nature reserve alone to be more deeply immersed in their own experience with nature. It happened to be low tide when the class visited the nature reserve, and the roots of the mangroves could be clearly seen.

After that, the class headed west and walked along the Migratory Bird Trail. There are multiple bird observation hides and an observation tower along the trail for bird watching. Various birds can be spotted during the migratory season that starts around September. Other than birds, students were able to observe monitor lizards as well as two estuarine crocodiles, one halfway through the trail and another near the main bridge. After exploring the Migratory Bird Trail, the class ended the field trip and left Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve at 7pm.

Students observing the surrounding area for interesting finds.

A group photo taken at the Visitor Centre.

A crocodile was spotted by observant visitors.

Students were excited to see animals such as crocodiles in the nature reserve.

A group photo taken at the entrance to Wetland Centre.