Table of Contents

Below is the list of projects for each group
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Luca Onnis, Instructor
A book by students for students
Chapter 1
AY1415 SEM1
Grace Tan Shu Ting
Joan Peh Wan Xuan
Thing Jia Yun
Sensorimotor training
Chapter 2
AY1415 SEM1
Sathrin Kaur Saggi D/O Karamjit Singh
Valerie Teo Minyi
Nadzirah Binte Amir Hamzah
Body, mind, and second language
Chapter 3
AY1415 SEM1
Lim Pei Min
Sophie Ng Siok Yee
Muhammad Hidayat bin Abdul Khalid
How learning conditions affect second language learning
Chapter 4
AY1415 SEM1
Loy Kheng Wee
Natalie Sophia Law
Tan Hue Kay
Benefits of multilingualism
Chapter 5
AY1415 SEM1
Christina Amrita Arul
Nur Ayesha Bte Solehan
Nur Atiqah Binte Othman
Sensitive periods, age of acquisition, and the “paradox of success”
Chapter 6
Natalie Goh
Kerensa Chew
Individual differences in second language abilities
Chapter 7
AY1415 SEM1
Grace Chia Xin Yi
Lo Jia Yi Erin
Ho Sin Yan
Second language effects on thought and first language
Chapter 8
AY1415 SEM1
Ow Li Xuan Viola
Priscilla Tan Yi Jia
Zheng Shiyang
Differences between child and adult learning
Chapter 9
AY1617 SEM1
Anselume Rémi,
Bizingre Chloé,
Mohanan Anitha
The translation is the Second Language Acquisition
Chapter 10
AY1617 SEM1
Anna Saradha d/o R. Mohanadas,
Rachel Lau Hui En,
Sharon Ng Yi Ling
Examining the use of Gamification in Language-learning Apps and its effect on Second Language Acquisition
Chapter 11
AY1617 SEM1
Koh Xin Ying Nerin,
Marilyn Ong Soo Yin,
Vanessa Ong Xue Yi
Deafness in Second Language Acquisition
Chapter 12
AY1617 SEM1
Kimberly Miracle Tan Wei Yan,
Neo Siew Yin,
Leung Kai Yan
Cross-linguistics influences on SLA
Chapter 13
AY1617 SEM1
Kristy Ang,
Elsie Lee,
Rachelle Han
Speech Perception and Production Training
Chapter 14
AY1617 SEM1
Kung Chi Yee, Chelsea,
Seth Lim Jun Hua,
Soon Kang Ning, Connie
The interaction hypothesis
Chapter 15
AY1617 SEM1
Muhammad Syafiq Bin Awaludin,
Shahirah Begum Bte Sulaiman,
Nur Shahirah Abdul Rahman
How cognates affect second language acquisition
Chapter 16
AY1617 SEM1
Neo Hui Ying,
Zolene Koh Jie Ning
Differences in learning between L1 child learners and L2 adult learners
Chapter 17
AY1617 SEM1
Nur Faizah Binte Abdan,
Muhammad ‘Arif Bin Muhammad Khairul Tan
A Dummy’s Guide to Second Language Learning