Trends, possibilities and scenarios for user-centred libraries

Susan Gibbons
University Librarian, Yale University
7 Jun 2012

Dr. Susan Gibbons is the University Librarian of Yale University. Prior to her appointment in July 2011, she was Vice Provost and Neilly Dean of the River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester. Dr. Gibbons holds an MLS and an MA in History from Indiana University, a Professional MBA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and a Doctorate in Education Administration from the University of Rochester. Most recently, Ms. Gibbons‘ research has focused on methodologies for library user studies, the alignment of academic libraries with the needs of Net Generation students, university press publishing, and the future of academic librarianship in the digital age. In 2007 she published The Academic Library and the Net Generation Student and Studying Students: the Undergraduate Research Project at the University of Rochester, for which Ms. Gibbons was co-editor. She was named one of Library Journal‘s 2005 ―Movers & Shakers‖ and in 2006 was a Visiting Program Officer for the Association for Research Libraries.

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