About Bella Ratmelia

Bella is the advisory & consultation (A&C) librarian for the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. She has a Bachelor degree in Information Technology and a Masters in Information Studies. She enjoys playing video games, reading detective fiction (or anything else that strikes her fancy), and learning new stuff and skills just for the fun of it!

IFLA launches multilingual website

IFLA is delighted to launch a multilingual version of its website from February 25 2013. Many of IFLA’s policies, guidelines, and other documents have been available in IFLA’s seven official languages, and other languages, for some time. The launch of the multilingual website provides improved access to existing and newly translated content in languages other than English.

Multilingual access and content will begin with the Spanish language, and will be followed by French. A selection of key documents, policies and guidelines has been translated. More content and translations into other IFLA languages will follow.

As a worldwide organisation IFLA deals with many and large cultural differences, most prominently languages. As one of IFLA’s Key Initiatives, having the content of IFLA’s website in as many languages as possible helps to reduce the language barriers and gaps in relation to IFLA’s work. IFLA collaborates with a network of Language Centres and volunteers around the world to translate content, and promote content to their language communities.

This is an excellent outcome and on behalf of the Governing Board I thank the working group members and IFLA HQ staff for bringing this to such a positive conclusion. I look forward to announcing the availability of the multilingual website during the opening of myPresidential Meeting in Mexico City, on March 6.

Libraries Power Development – IFLA and Libraries in The Guardian

IFLA would like to draw your attention to an article we have just posted on the Guardian ‘Global Development Professionals’ blog.

The Guardian is a major UK newspaper which is currently looking at the role that information plays in development. On Thursday 14thMarch from 2pm-4pm CET they will host a live chat on their website where the role of libraries as agents for development will be discussed. Stuart Hamilton will represent IFLA in the discussion and we would like to invite all of you to participate too – all you will need to do is register and then you can submit your questions and examples in the comments section.

Following the live chat a summary of the most salient points will be produced. Previous livechats have attracted hundreds of commenters so it would be great to hear as many library voices as possible in the discussion!

Trends, possibilities and scenarios for user-centred libraries

Susan Gibbons
University Librarian, Yale University
7 Jun 2012

Dr. Susan Gibbons is the University Librarian of Yale University. Prior to her appointment in July 2011, she was Vice Provost and Neilly Dean of the River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester. Dr. Gibbons holds an MLS and an MA in History from Indiana University, a Professional MBA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and a Doctorate in Education Administration from the University of Rochester. Most recently, Ms. Gibbons‘ research has focused on methodologies for library user studies, the alignment of academic libraries with the needs of Net Generation students, university press publishing, and the future of academic librarianship in the digital age. In 2007 she published The Academic Library and the Net Generation Student and Studying Students: the Undergraduate Research Project at the University of Rochester, for which Ms. Gibbons was co-editor. She was named one of Library Journal‘s 2005 ―Movers & Shakers‖ and in 2006 was a Visiting Program Officer for the Association for Research Libraries.

Central Business District

In Singapore, the Central Area or Central Business District (CBD) contains the core financial and commercial districts, including eleven urban planning areas, namely Downtown Core, Marina East, Marina South, Museum, Newton, Orchard,Outram, River Valley, Rochor, Singapore River and Straits View as defined by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). Part of the Central Region in the southern part of Singapore, it includes high value land intensely regulated by the URA’s urban planning initiatives. It approximately equates to the area which may be referred to as the city despite Singapore being a city in itself. Continue reading