Nanyang, a worthy exchange: starting with a glance, but leaving with amazing perspectives ; exchange students from New Zealand and Israel share their experiences.

Authors: Chung Nee Ping Stephanie, Victoria University of Wellington and Rafael Mazuz
Tel Aviv University.

Choosing where to go is one big step for those considering going on an exchange programme. It’s imperative to think carefully while choosing because it’s going to be a few months worth of experiences.

I thought about it and in the end, I chose Singapore for my student exchange because it is located in the very heart of Southeast Asia and it is a known financial hub. I’m really glad with the decision.

The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is reputed for being one of the top schools in Southeast Asia as well as Asia- the MBA students are from different backgrounds and approximately from 30 countries, I had the opportunity to meet people with diversified cultures and experiences. The courses offered at Nanyang are challenging and practical. The lecturers are knowledgeable, and they offer invaluable information and real life examples in class.

Apart from the studies, I also find Singapore a lively city with lots of things to do such as shopping and entertainment. Even the nights are lovely there. Public transportation is very convenient, everything is accessible and food is quite cheap. I am very proud to be a part of them. A rock star chose Nanyang!

Rafael Mazuz, Tel Aviv University

Due to its unique position as an economic, cultural, and geographic gateway to Asia-Pacific, I chose to study in Singapore for my semester exchange. After doing research on the different universities, it was clear that NTU offered the best Asian business perspective, with courses like Chinese Language, Chinese Classics Applications for Business, as well as International Business Law courses with an emphasis on Asia-Pacific issues. As the semester draws to a close, I am happy to report that all of my expectations were exceeded.

Exchange students at NTU are allowed and even encouraged to utilize the wide range of networking events and extracurricular activities available on campus. I joined the water polo and biathlon teams and trained with them during the semester. In addition to being a great workout, this was an opportunity to make many friends even outside of the business school.

My home university has a very international MBA class, with 21 countries represented. I was very pleased to find that NTU has 27 countries represented, and most of those are from Asian countries, which gave me a chance to expand my understanding and network even more. Additionally, being in the region made it very convenient to travel to countries like China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia, which is definitely an advantage of studying in this part of the world.

My experience this past semester was priceless, both personally and professionally. I strongly encourage others to consider NTU as a worthwhile option for taking a semester abroad.