International Case Competition, CA World 2011 – Viva Las Vegas

By Justus Kaiser, German, Nanyang MBA Participant, Intake 2011

Nanyang Business School (NBS) sent a team comprising of MBA students Akhil Mehta, Siddharth Sachdev, and myself to the third International Case Competition on the Strategic Value of IT in Management, held at CA World 2011, Las Vegas. CA Technologies is a leading IT management and software company, with headquarters in New York, and offices all over the world.

The competition started with thirty teams from Asia, North America and Europe divided across 5 regions. The teams first competed in regional rounds, then the five region winners along with the remaining top five teams, competed in the international finals. The Nanyang Business School (NBS) team competed against four other teams from India, China and Australia in the Asia region and was selected to compete in the international finals.

The international finals had a live case where the teams were required to suggest new revenue models for Visa (the credit card company) using their IT infrastructure capabilities and the data available to them. The finalists got the case two weeks before flying to Las Vegas to make a presentation without taking any outside help. Upon reaching Las Vegas, the teams were given a ‘twist’, 12 hours before the presentation and were required to make changes to the presentation to accommodate this twist.

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