A different look at crisis situations – a crisis simulation competition

Front row (L-R): Sunny Jain, Aakash Bajoria, Piter Lim

The annual crisis simulation exercise at the Wee Kim Wee School (NTU)brought together students from the various schools of Nanyang Technological University :  Nanyang Business School, Communications, as well as law students from NUS plus some policy, TV and print/social media journalists from Wee Kim Wee School of Communications – it  involved more than 100 students. A group of Nanyang MBA part time students joined this competition representing the Nanyang MBA.

Participating teams were given various crisis scenarios to discuss within their respective teams- with role playing  of management roles, e.g. CEOs, SVPs, CFOs. The competing teams then hosted a “crisis press conference” where they faced the “journalists” and replied to their queries on real time .  The teams were ranked according to a select set of criteria in how best they managed the crisis and how they handled the media.

Our team of  part time MBAs was the eventual winner – Aakash Bajoria, Student ExCo VP (Part-Time) , Piter Lim , and Sunny Jain.  Who says MBAs’ can’t handle crisis at all?

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