Dell Case Success Celebration

A team of three NBS MBAs of the class of 2015/16 reached the final round of the Dell Inter-University Case Competition and was invited to deliver their closing presentation on the Dell premises in Singapore on Friday, October 9th.

When the results of the competition were announced, there was a wave of excitement amongst the entire cohort present at the venue. The NBS team named DellTa had emerged as Victorians at the Dell Case challenge! Everyone in the audience, even if not known to the team, could have definitely identified who had won the competition. The batch mates that had joined the final round to support their team burst in joy and those who could not attend the final round in person were instantaneously notified via phone so that the good news spread quickly.

For this small cohort, the first case competition victory was celebrated as a big success by the entire NBS batch. To congratulate our winning team, the class decided to surprise the contestants with a small celebration. During a break in class, a couple of proud MBA students walked in with a cake and a big storm of applause escorted the winners to cut the cake as token of appreciation. While the cohort enjoyed the mini celebration, the case competition champions were showered with pats on the back and hugs to congratulate on their great achievement!

DellTa Team (From Left) Moohwan Cho, Hoon Son & Ham Sung Won

DellTa team with Prof Vijay Sethi, Faculty Advisor, Case Competitions

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