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A visit to the Bloomberg office

On Wednesday, 27 January 2016, the members of the Banking and Finance club of the MBA class of 2016 were warmly invited to the Bloomberg office in Singapore.

During the visit, seven students enrolled in the Nanyang MBA Banking and Finance track learnt how to use the Bloomberg terminal in their daily work and had a chance to visit the fantastic working environment of news bureau.

Bloomberg is one of the leaders in financial software, data and media in the world. As the finance classes in the second trimester gave an introduction to financial tools, students intensively used Bloomberg to obtain data and news and were interested in visiting the staff working in Bloomberg´s Singapore office to get a personal tour around the local offices of the world leading financial news agency.

The Banking and Finance club was fortunate to get an invitation for a one-hour training session in Bloomberg’s office, and learned how to use different functions to search for types of FXs, Equities and Commodities. Also, the trainer explained how to set their personal preferences to easily analyze different markets.

All participants felt that the office tour was very helpful and were happy to find out that the design of Bloomberg´s terminals is very user-friendly. It was an exciting experience to take a tour around the well-equiped facilities and allowed everyone to get a deeper understanding of the way of working at Bloomberg as well as to gain insights into the valuable services that Bloomberg provides for investors worldwide. Learning how to use the terminals efficiently will be of great help for the further coursed and will certainly be beneficial for all students who aim to work in the financial industry in the future.

bloomberg guys

Banking and Finance Club at the Bloomberg office, Singapore