NTU Library is privileged to have been a part of many students’ journey here at Nanyang Technological University. During their course of study, students visit our libraries to use our facilities/spaces and access our website to tap into our resources/services for their study needs.

We also share a special bond with our Student Assistants who work at various NTU libraries and support different teams under the Office of Information, Knowledge and Library services (OIKLS). Student assistants are known to not only build up their working experience and earn an income as they study, but also gain a wealth of academic knowledge on the job, which benefits them with a continuous learning process throughout their stint with us.

This year, Convocation 2018 took place from 24 July to 3 August, and it was time to say goodbye to our assistants who were graduating. As a gesture of appreciation, NTU Library management and staff hosted a farewell lunch for the student assistants from the Class of 2018. In their farewell speeches at the lunch event, many of them had much to share on their experiences working with the library, and Daniel Cheong, a Psychology graduate, was one of those who gave a long heartfelt speech.

Eager to document and learn more on the impact NTU Library has made on its students, we sat down for a chat with Daniel who had worked as a Student Assistant for 3 years at Lee Wee Nam Library. In the video (above), Daniel shares about his journey with NTU Library, and the impact it had made on him as a student and individual. Watch the video to find out more!

Your journey with NTU Library does not end when you graduate and leave campus. As an alumnus of NTU, you are entitled to the following:

• Free membership for the first year upon graduation.
• Generous borrowing privileges.
• On-site access for selected databases and e-journals.
• Remote access to 4 databases via the ASSOC network account:

– BMI Research
– MarketLine Advantage
– Emerald Insight
– Project Muse​​​

​Find out more on library services for Alumni Member here.