The final exams are coming soon! Have you found your favourite study place in campus to start your revision?

It is not difficult to find a place to study for your exams in NTU. However, not every study place can be as conducive as the library, especially under the warm and humid weather conditions in Singapore.

Come to Lee Wee Nam Library to study for your exams this season. Try out the below hot spot at Level 2 and make it your favourite study hideout for exams in NTU Library.

Lee Wee Nam Library Level 2
The individual study seats next to Huxibit, the GreenBike and the Rest pod.

Reasons why this is a hot spot:
The seats are well-equipped with an adjustable overhead lamp. Power outlets are mounted at the front of the table. Printing services, washrooms and the water cooler dispenser are nearby. The window seats enjoy the most privacy.

Reservation not required. First come first served.

Opening hours:
Please see Lee Wee Nam Library opening hours


Where is your favourite study spot or hideout in NTU Library? You are welcome to send a photo and tell us about your favourite study spot or hideout in NTU Library at We will help you share with your peers in our Library blog.