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Journal Abbreviations can pose an issue to researchers. Citation styles, like that of the ACS (American Chemical Sciences), often require the use of abbreviated journal titles, which some of us might not have full access to. Read on to find out how the Term List feature on EndNote can help you meet your citation styles requirements.

To set up your Term List:

  1. Make a backup of your library.
  2. In EndNote, go to “Tools > Open Term Lists > Journal Terms List”.
  3. Highlight the first journal, and press [Ctrl]+A or [Command]+A on the keyboard to highlight all terms.
    • Note: If the Journal Terms List is empty, skip to Step 4.
  4. Click “Delete Term” to empty the list of old terms.
  5. Go to the “Lists” tab at the top and click “Import List”.
  6. Find the Term Lists folder in your EndNote folder. Assuming you want to use the Index Medicus abbreviations, choose to open the Medical text file.
    • If you are working on Windows machine, this folder should be saved by default to: C:\Program Files\EndNote (EndNote Version Number)\Term Lists.
    • If you are working on Mac, this folder should be saved by default to: Hard Drive: Applications: EndNote (EndNote Version Number): Terms Lists.This will import the correct abbreviations to your library’s Term List.
  7. To ensure the style is using the correct substitution, go to “Edit > Output Styles > Open Style Manager”.
  8. From the list of styles, highlight the style you are using and click “Edit”.
  9. Click on “Journal Names” on the left. Ensure that the style is using the Full Name or one of the Abbreviations as needed.


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This post was co-authored by Student Assistant, Kelsie Tan and Digital Scholarship & Education Librarian, Nurashikin.