Gerrit and Wee Kiat are presenting recent results from our lab at the European Conference on Visual Perception in Trieste, Italy.

Wee Kiat is showing results from our collaboration with the Laboratoire Psychologie de la Perception on Paris on how eye blinks and saccades interact to correct for gaze stability errors:

Gaze position changes across blinks carry over to saccade landing errors
Wee Kiat Lau, Thérèse Collins, Gerrit Maus

Gerrit will summarize some of the work going on in our lab during a symposium dedicated to “What are eye blinks good for? Perceptual, oculomotor, and cognitive effects of eye blinks“.

More information can also be found in these two manuscripts that we have just released on PsyArXiv:

Directional biases for blink adaptation in voluntary and reflexive eye blinks

Wee Kiat Lau & Gerrit Maus

Boosted visual performance after eye blinks

Jit Wei A. Ang & Gerrit Maus