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SCE Multi-disciplinary Project

A teaching and learning blog with wiki-like features

Multi-disciplinary Project (MDP) is a group-based design and development project undertaken by a mixed group of students comprising of undergraduates from the CE and CS programmes. The project is practical-oriented and multi-disciplinary in nature, requiring system level integration of sub-systems developed by different team members. Topics covered will include Microprocessors, Signals and Interfaces, Sensors and Communication, Software engineering, Data structures and Algorithms, Open-source frameworks.

Customised Functionalities

  1. Wiki: integration of wiki-like feature that allows editing by anyone
  2. WYSIWYG Editor: ease of content creation using WYSIWYG editor
  3. Version tracking: tracks version history
  4. Navigation: breadcrumb and widget navigation
  5. Controlled Access Rights: supports varied access levels for different wiki
  6. Video Gallery: List of video projects