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Teach 3.11

A multilingual blog to facilitate research on disasters in Japan

Teach 3.11 is a multi-language collaborative online project that helps teachers, students, and scholars locate and share educational resources about the historical contexts of scientific and technical issues related to understanding large-scale disasters, such as the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disasters in Japan.

Customised Functionalities

  1. Multi-language: Integration of multiple languages like English, Japanese, Korean, Bahasa Indonesia, and Chinese in one single page to make Teach 3.11 as accessible and as useful as possible for fellow educators, students, and scholars everywhere
  2. Reference Management Tool: Integration with Zotero plugin to better manage annotation list and minimise duplication of efforts
  3. Domain-mapping: Allow customised domain name for branding or reflection of research nature
  4. com login: Integration with user login
  5. Twitter Feeds: Integration with live feeds from twitter accounts
blogs@NTU has been instrumental for both teaching and intercollegial project work. It serves to illustrate how useful the blog platform is, and how the academic and intellectual value of this kind of learning and information sharing environment brims with potential that has yet to be fully articulated.
Dr Lisa Onaga

History Division, NTU School of HSS