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MatchLink – A Multi-Sensorial Game for Persons with Dementia

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MatchLink – A Multi-Sensorial Game for Persons with Dementia

Abstract or Summary of Project

Dementia refers to a ‘syndrome of acquired loss of cognitive function, behavioural changes and loss of social function’ (Jones, 2000). On a global level, it is one of the biggest global public health challenge with an estimated number of 44 million people affected by dementia worldwide in 2014 (Alzheimer’s Disease International, n.d.). The number is expected to double by 2030 and more than triple by the year 2050 (Alzheimer’s Disease International, n.d.). The cost of the global epidemic is estimated in 2010 to be US $604 billion and possibly more (Alzheimer’s Disease International, n.d.). This paper investigates non-pharmacological interventions to cognitively and sensorially stimulate the senses of persons with dementia, as well as the creation of a game that combines the benefits from cognitive and sensory games. It also introduces an approach which allows caregivers and occupational therapists to access the player’s abilities over time.

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May 13, 2018