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Abstract or Summary of Project

Some mosquito breeds spread fatal diseases such as Zika virus disease, malaria, dengue, and yellow fever; resulting in several millions deaths every year. There is no specific treatment or vaccination against these diseases. Thus, the best way to reduce the risk of mosquito-borne diseases is prevention.

Study shows that mosquitoes detect humans mainly by the Carbon dioxide (CO2) we exhale. “Mozziecutor” produces CO2 through photo-catalysis of UV light and Titanium dioxide, hence confusing mosquitoes of the CO2 source. The fan inside “Mozziecutor” will disperse the CO2 outside. Attracted mosquitoes will in turn be sucked in by the fan into the mosquito trap below and the one way flap prevents them from escaping. The fan will also dehydrate the trapped mosquitoes.

Since mosquitoes feed at night, “Mozziecutor” is designed to also function as a table lamp, providing two functions in one product. All in all, Mozziecutor is a mosquito trap redesigned.

Link(s) to FYP Report in DR-NTU (Restricted to NTU Access)

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May 16, 2016