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This is us, Sodium 11. 

From left to right: In the first row is Sanryani,followed by Hoang and on the right Lynette; In the second row are Lucas, Jeffrey and Alvin on the right.

We have come together as a group for this CM8001 course to tell you more about Polyethylene, our chosen area of discussion.

In the respective pages, we will inform you about what is Polyethylene, its Chemical concept and its Implication to the society. In the meeting minutes page, we included what we discussed during our short but productive meetings.

We have also produced videos to provide visual images for you, readers, to understand Polyethylene much more easily and effectively.

More information on our team can be found in the About Our Team pages.

Hope that you will have an enjoyable and educational time understanding Polyethylene through our blog and videos. Have fun!