Meeting Log #3 – 11 March 2015

Location: Study area one level down of LKC Lecture Theatre

Time: 12 pm

Duration: 1.5 hours

Met up before class to discuss and fill up our group blog in the “Chemical Concept” and “Implications to Society” pages. Everyone was present for the meeting.

Under “Chemical Concept”, we provided an overview to what polymers are and their properties. We went on to further elaborate about HDPE, which is our topic of discussion. In order to fully understand what HDPE essentially is, we compared its physical and chemical properties to LDPE. In addition, we included the process of how HDPE is formed and certain interesting facts we have found.

Under “Implications to Society”, we provided a background to how HDPE came about and how other forms of plastic can be formed. We also included some of the history to how plastics can be important and how they were used in the past.  Nevertheless, what we need to be aware of would be the current impacts that plastics have on the environment and what other efforts have been in place to alleviate the impacts that plastic has on the environment.

Things to do before/during the next meeting:

– Improve on our blog posts; beautify with visuals or graphics

– Brainstorm and share ideas on the group video