First Meeting Log

First Meeting Minutes (11 February, Wednesday)

Location: NTU Mc Donalds

Nguyen Hong Hai
Chew Yong Huai, Ivin
Chen Yuan Long
Cheong Kai Xiang
Nurulaini Bte Ali
Ong Qian Yu

Scribe: Ong Qian Yu

1. Discussion about the appearance of the blog
2.Researching and compiling content and material for our introduction of polymers and polyethylene.
3. To set a date and place for the next meeting

Meeting Log:
1. Each of us starting researching on the different areas of polymers
2. We decided to give a brief introduction of polymers and then focus on Polyethylene for our blog
3. We then start to summarize the research we have and condense the materials we have.

Action List:
1. Hong hai will upload the content we discussed today on the blog as soon as possible
2. All group members to start researching and compile materials regarding Polyethylene chemical concepts and implications to society for next meeting

Next meeting:
Tentatively set on 11th March 2015 after lecture

Next meeting agenda:
1. To compile and discuss what content and information we should use for Chemical Concepts and Implication to society.
2. Discussion of how we should go about doing the video

Meeting started at 4pm and ended at 5pm