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Joke of the Day 6

I like B&W animals

Credits: Compfight

A man in a movie theater notices what looks like a panda sitting next to him.

“Are you a panda?” asked the man, surprised.


“What are you doing at the movies?”

The panda replied, “Well, I liked the book.”


Joke of the Day 5

Q: What did the panda say when he was forced out of his natural habitat?
A: This is un-BEAR-able


Fun Fact 4

The giant panda was first introduced to the West  in 1869, when a missionary received a skin from a hunter.


Joke of the Day 4


Credits: Compfight

A Panda bear walks into a restaurant. He orders a meal and eats it. After politely paying for his meal, he pulls out a gun and shoots it in the air. He immediately walks out the door.

“Why did you do that?” hollered the confused waitress. Looking back over his shoulder the panda says “I’m a panda”. “Look it up in the dictionary.”

The waitress locates the dictionary on her bosses desk and searches for the definition of panda bear.

Finding it, she reads, “Panda Bear – A large black and white bear like mammal native to the far east. Eats shoots and leaves.”


Fun Fact 3

Away from their natural habitat, more than 60% of male pandas exhibit no sex drive.


Joke of the Day 3

Q: Did you hear about the Pandas that were in a food fight?
A: They all got Bambooboos


Fun Fact 2

Giant Pandas are actually bears.


Fun Fact 1

Bed time for Mei

Credits:  Compfight

All the pandas in the world are on loan from China.


Joke of the Day 2


A guy is driving his pick-up truck through a small town, and he’s got a panda in the front seat with him. The guy spots a police officer, pulls over, and tells the officer he found a panda just walking along the road. Now the guy is wondering what to do with the panda.

The police officer says, “Well, take it to the zoo, I guess.”

The following week, the same policeman sees the same man with the panda again in the front seat. Both are wearing baseball caps.

The policeman pulls him over and says, “I thought you were going to take that panda to the zoo?”

The man replied, “I did…and we had such a good time at the zoo that I took him to a baseball game.”

Joke of the Day 1

Happy Rainbow Panda Credits: Compfight

Q: Why do pandas like old movies?
A: Because they’re in black and white.

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