About Me

I am Lennell, a year 2 psychology student in Nanyang Technological University who is adventurous and loves trying novel things. When i am bored or stressed, i often like to take a quiet walk around my neighbourhood.  It is then I realized that a quiet walk was impossible, by observing the cars whizzing by and people talking on the street, I found it difficult to soothe my troubled self.  I also found it hard to concentrate as there were noises from so many sources. Maybe it is because I am detached from the surroundings that I was able to notice all this, as people around me seem to have no problem focusing on their activities, despite competing with one another in this space to be heard.

Inspired by my daily walks, I decided to venture into the world of sound and discover if excessive noise can disrupt our daily lives. So feel free to read about noise and learn more about it!

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