Climate Change

Indonesia contains some of the world’s most endangered species like Proboscis monkey and Sumatran rhinoceros. Hence, Indonesia’s biodiversity is especially susceptible to the devastating effects of climate change.

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Climate change is a threat because species have evolved to live within certain temperature ranges and when these temperature ranges are exceeded and species cannot adapt to the new temperatures, or when the other species it depends on to live cannot adapt, for example its food supply, its survival is threatened.



 Massive coral bleaching and warming sea-surface temperatures can lead to widespread loss of coral reefs and considerable loss of biodiversity, including fishes. Sea-level rise, increased extreme weather events, warming temperatures, and changes in ocean circulation and salinity patterns may impact marine turtle populations in Indonesia. Furthermore, the changing precipitation patterns and altered seasonality may negatively impact the availability of water which consequently affect the amphibians, reptiles, birds, and large animals, such as the Javan rhinoceros, Sumatran flying squirrel and other various monkeys and small mammals.