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What can I do as an individual?

A : You can attempt to conserve maximize energy efficiency whenever possible. Less energy consumption translates to less energy required which results in less generation of energy which contributes to Global Warming. For a start, you could learn more about the ways you can conserve energy. If you are a little lazy to do so, fret not! Just keep reading below..

When and where can I start doing my part?

A : You can start anytime you would like. But it would be beneficial if you start earlier as the more you conserve, the more savings you would garner. Well, you could start at home for a start. Read on the next section as many individuals face difficulty as they ponder on how they can do their part.

But it is so difficult to conserve energy! I need the Computer, I need the lights at home, I need the …

A : You HAVE to do not have to necessarily stop using energy on a daily basis, that will be incredibly difficult to sustain. Rather, conserve energy whenever you can with a conscious effort. For instance, turn off the lights at home whenever you do not need it. You could also use timers for electrical appliances such as the air-conditioner and so on. You could try not to turn on the air-conditioner unless necessary. Next, you could cut back on the water heater time as well to maximize energy efficiency. Doing so, saves you a sizable amount in your monthly utilities bill.


A: You could also opt for energy-saving appliances such as the Energy-Star label in order to conserve energy. In addition to this, you could replace your light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs, which last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Furthermore, such compact fluorescent bulbs lower your energy bills and keep a half-ton of carbon dioxide out of the air.

What, why do I have to do this? This is not my problem but the Government’s problem!

A : The individual often underestimates the collective power that he/she possesses. Never do we imagine that one person does have collective power, when garnered by the masses. Furthermore, the government can only do so much by implementing policies and regulating factories and companies. But, households do form a majority of a country so if the individual does his or her small part, this ‘small part’ can form a ‘large part’ and will contribute immensely to combat against Global Warming. So yes, you can contribute too! This is for the benefit of everyone, including yourself and your family! Furthermore, this is beneficial for everyone in the long run as Global Warming is a long-term phenomenon that is occurring at a slow but steady rate.

But wait, nobody cares about this issue. I just happened to learn of it and I am overwhelmed with such information overload! Do I really need to be the change catalyst?

A : Well hello there, I’ll like to welcome you once again to my blogspot! Fret not, this blog is not meant to drown you in information overload BUT rather, educate and inform you of an issue that affects everyone. Do take a breather and calm down. It is not akin to you putting on a superhero costume and running down to the city and yelling at people for being contributors to Global Warming. Rather, you can start quietly by doing your own part (Read Above) and you can educate your close friends and family on how they can do their part. Alternatively, you can support your local campaigns in the fight against Global Warming (e.g. Earth Hour). I am certain you can contribute in a small way!

Hmm, you have mentioned a wide array of details which one could do in the fight, what have you done so far?

A : That is a very good question. This reminds me of this saying , “Sometimes one does not practice what he preaches”. This saying can be observed in many individuals. Unfortunately in my case, it does not. I do my small part in conserving energy. For instance, I take walks instead of public transport if the walking distance is akin to 20 minutes and below.  In addition to this, I avoid turning on the air-conditioner unnecessarily and when I do, I use a timer to limit my air-conditioner use to approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours. I also try to educate my family and close friends on this issue and they also do find themselves conserving energy and they thank me for it, as they have managed to cut their utilities bill cost by at least 10 dollars per month.

With that, the blogger hopes that you are enlightened on how you can contribute in the fight against Global Warming.

-All the Questions and Responses were contributed by the blogger himself –

For more information, you can head over to Stop Global Warming org.



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