How can the library use the extensive and well-structured data contained in the institutional repository to attract the researchers‘ attention and to promote the research outcome of the university?

Publication data is still usually presented in a traditional bibliographic style, in the form of publication lists and similair. But could this data also be used to present research activities and publications in a way that would get even more attention from users?

At Chalmers University of Technology, the library has developed a feature called Publication Profiles. This could be described as the Institutional Repository ‘Labs’, where we can create visualisations and aggregations of data in many different forms, and present information such as:

Co-authorships. What collaborations are there?

Publication types. Using visualisations, we can present comprehensive overviews of the publishing habits with regard to articles, conferences, monographs etc.

Publication frequency. Graphical visualisations of the number of publications for departments or individuals gives the user a quick overview of the productivity.

Subjects. Tag clouds containing subject categories gives an appealing and comprehensible overview of the areas in which research is being conducted.

Open Access. We aggregate and highlight the number of publications available for free. This is especially important for Chalmers since we have an open access mandate from 2010.

Social media. In what ways do users want to be able to share information from the publication database in social media? By integrating social network services, such as LinkedIn, we aim to provide good ways to promote the research of our university.

Also, the addition of external services, such as link resolving for full text location, citation counts and geospatial data, further enhances the value of the profiles.

The 1.0 version of the Publication Profiles was released in November 2011.

Urban Andersson
Urban Andersson Chalmers University of Technology

Urban Andersson has a MLIS and has been working as system librarian and developer at several Swedish research libraries since 1994.

Since 2011 he holds a position as technical co-ordinator for the Department of Publication Services and Bibliometrics at the library of Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. His primary responsibilities include Chalmers Publications Library (CPL), the institutional repository of the university and the platform for the repository, the open source software Scigloo.

Jonas Gilbert
Jonas Gilbert Chalmers University of Technology

Jonas Gilbert has a MLIS and has been working at research libraries since 1999. Various aspects of digital library assignments has been the focus of his work. From October 2010 he works at the library at Chalmers Technical University, leading a department within the library for open access support, electronic publishing, research publication registration and bibliometrics.


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