Answers: Why Should We Hire You?

So you got the call; the company of your dreams wants to interview you. It is time for you to sit down and prepare for the conversation between you and your prospective employer. It isn’t an easy job because you never know what exactly they will ask you, but most interviews include some basic questions such as your educational and work background and interests. One question that you will certainly be asked is, “Why should we hire you?”


Here’s how you can get the perfect answer ready.

  • Pitch Yourself Again

When interviewers ask you why they should hire you, they are asking you to tell them what you can do for them. They also want to know how you can make a difference in their organisation – compared to the other candidates. So this is your opportunity to pitch yourself again. Don’t give them a list of your accomplishments at work or in school. Instead, spend time on research so that you know what they expect from the role you are interviewing for. Ask yourself how your skills and background match up to those needs. Keep your answer positive. Do not mention what other applicants may or may not be able to do. Focus on yourself.

  • Be Enthusiastic

Show them your enthusiasm. Let them see that you are excited about the possibility of working with them. Motivation and a keen interest will add to their interest in you. But don’t let them think that you desperately need the job. There is a thin line between showing interest and seeming like you need something badly. So work on the tone of your voice. Practice with a friend. Body language matters as well. Sit straight but lean forward once in a while. Smile, but don’t force yourself to smile throughout the interview. The key is to be polite and friendly without overdoing it.

  • Keep it To The Point

Why should we hire you? It is a broad question that can draw you into a long look back at your previous accomplishments. Still, you should not start talking about the essay competition you won in elementary school or the interschool spelling bee that you won back in 5th grade. Stick to what is relevant to the job in question. What skills, interests and experience do you have that can make you succeed in THIS role and at THIS organisation? And beware of the dangers of exaggeration. Answer with the truth because a background check or reference check could ruin things for you.

  • Share Your Uniqueness

Are you the person who colleagues approach when they need help with certain kinds of tasks? Or perhaps, you excel in a certain area like sales analysis or trend mapping. Tell the interviewer about this and give a couple of examples to demonstrate. This will let the prospective employer picture you at their setting, doing similar work.

  • Showcase Your Qualifications

Most job descriptions mention what education qualifications applicants must have. That basically means that you will not be the only aspirant with an MBA. You need to figure out how to make your degree stand out. Just mentioning the top ranked B-school will not be enough. You’ll have to share examples of how you applied your newly learnt knowledge and skills to the business world. This is the chance to discuss your internship or that special project during the MBA programme. Highlight any prior work experience as well. Mention any role and organisation/s where your actions lead to results. Explain how you achieved it.

Here’s an example:

You should hire me because I am a self-motivated person who likes to create an impact wherever he goes. In fact, in my role as (DESIGNATION) at (COMPANY), I was voted the most promising team player after my supervisor noticed my effort on the (PRODUCT) launch. And my internship supervisor at (COMPANY) appreciated my ideas so much that he asked me to present them to the senior executives there.

Being prepared for the Why should we hire you question, and it will save you from the surprise and discomfort. Keep specific examples in mind and your abilities and background. Then link them to the interviewer’s company and its goals.

Good luck!