Writing a paper on business or social sciences topics? SAGE Knowledge can be a great help! Here’s how:

1. Integrate theory and real-world practice with SAGE Business Cases

There is a concept in accountancy called “professional scepticism”. The importance of integrating this attitude in real-world practice is well illustrated in the case study of Arthur Andersen. These business cases may also include discussion questions that guide you to think deeper and thus derive greater insights into real-world problems and issues.

Business cases can also be useful for students in any other discipline to understand business management ideas or issues, such as business models, company culture or corporate ethics.

2. SAGE Videos can help you learn better

Find videos by experts and academics explaining key theories or discussing real-world events. These videos come with transcripts that display during viewing. The transcripts are also searchable and enable you to quickly zoom in to particular keywords.

You can cite or quote these videos in your assignments. Below is the citation easily obtained with just one click.

•     Rohlinger, D. (Academic). (2017). How do social movements use mass media?
[Streaming video]. Retrieved from SAGE Video

Direct Link to Video: http://sk.sagepub.com.ezlibproxy1.ntu.edu.sg/video/how-do-social-movements-use-mass-media

3. Find relevant references from SAGE Books and Reference titles quickly

The ability to search full-text of books, encyclopaedias, handbooks or dictionaries will allow you to narrow results to what you need quickly and effectively. See at a glance snippets of text that include your search terms.

For example, in the initial search you had input the keywords personality test and obtained a set of search results.
You can build on this search by adding additional keywords (employee) to obtain a smaller set of search results.​


What’s more, there are many other user-friendly features in SAGE Knowledge that makes the work of research simpler and more effective.

Get a head-start in your assignment with SAGE Knowledge!


This post is co-authored with student assistant Pang Wen Shuan.