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Do you have a big presentation coming up? Not sure how to make an outstanding first impression?

Most seasoned speakers turn to the old standby by opening with a joke, sharing shocking statistics or telling a story. But if you want your message to be memorable in addition to appealing, the presentation itself needs special treatment.

Bring your presentations to the next level with Prezi Next!

What is Prezi Next?

Prezi Next is a completely new presentation platform for Prezi. It is similar to the classic Prezi, however there are major differences in the way the software works. It really is the Next step to the future, as this opens up a lot of new opportunities for Prezi in terms of the features that could potentially be added to the presentation software. Prezi Next is built on the latest HTML5 technologies and includes the following features to help users more easily create, present and analyse their presentation.

How do I get started?

You can start by signing up for a Prezi Basic account for free, where you can create, share and store beautiful presentations online for anyone to view.

Here are five ways to make your presentations stand out from the rest using Prezi Next:

1. Use visual metaphors

You do not need to use larger font or logo to emphasize your content.

Instead, you can use a visual metaphor as it can help bring about a feel behind a message in a way that sticks in people’s mind. This will help maximize audience engagement.

In the example below, the slide on the right amplifies the topics that will be covered through the use of shapes and colors.

2. Highlight Important Topic

You can highlight an important topic by increasing the size of that topic in the overview page. This will give invoke a sense of importance on that topic to your audience during your presentation.

3. Zoom in on the important stuff

When it comes to sharing an important fact, you can zoom in on it so that it fills your whole screen by using the “Add zoom area” in Animation function.


Click on ‘Animations’


Click on the ‘+’ icon


Click on ‘Add zoom area’


Drag the box that appears on the screen over the detail that you would like to highlight


Position the overlay to achieve your intended effect. You can also change the size or rotate the overlay. When done, press ‘Next’.

4. Zoomable charts

When sharing statistics, instead of throwing some numbers on the screen, highlight the importance of your data by uploading a zoomable chart or infographic, as shown below.

How to create interesting charts and infographic?

You can create fancy charts and infographics from other online platforms such as Piktochart, Canva, Infogram and save it as an image. Upload the image in your Prezi presentation and voila!

5. Use videos

Few seconds videos will be good to attract your audience attention. This will help to get your point across to your audience more vividly.

How to insert YouTube videos into your Prezi presentation

  1. Click on Insert > Video
  2. Search for your desired video on YouTube, and copy the URL
  3. Paste it into the field provided on the right
  4. Click on Present to see the video automatically played

So there you go! Good luck in your presentations!

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