You will never miss another important message from anyone again if you follow this tip. I found the check Unread notifications useful. With the constant stream of messages and mentions on MS Teams, it can be hard to ensure that you’ve been updated on absolutely everything. Here’s a quick way to check which notifications you’ve missed.

To check for unread messages:

1. Open Microsoft Teams.
2. Go to the command box at the top of your screen. It should look like this:
3. Type “/unread” in the command box.
4. A list of all your unread notifications (if any) will appear in the white box labelled “Feed”, located on the left side of your screen.


Now you can be sure you aren’t missing a thing. Happy checking everyone!

This post was co-authored by Student Assistant, Kelsie Tan and Digital Scholarship & Education Librarian, Nurashikin.