Google Dataset Search was in beta-version last year, and it is now officially launched as a free tool for searching almost 25 million datasets.

Here is their website:

So what’s interesting?

  1. DR-NTU (Data)
    Anyone can make their datasets discoverable in Google Dataset Search by using an open standard ( to describe their dataset on the hosting sites. If your hosting site is DR-NTU (Data), then good news – DR-NTU (Data) is already indexed and discoverable in Google Dataset Search.
    DR-NTU (Data) dataset indexed in Google Dataset
  2. Related Article
    If your data is related to your article, the “Related Article” link shall appear, making your article even more visible. Hence, remember to key-in your related publication(s) when you upload your datasets.
    Related publication
  3. Search and Filter
    You can filter the results based on the recency, usage rights, and types of dataset that you want (e.g., tables, images, text). Guess what’s the most popular data format in Google Dataset Search? Tables! There are more than 6 million of them.
    Google Dataset Filters

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