Greetings NTU researchers/professors/scholars! If you are looking for data related to COVID-19, check out the Harvard Dataverse. It has a featured COVID-19 Data Collection (there are 76 datasets and 2295 files by 14 May):

The collection contains COVID-19 statistics, Twitter data, survey data and many other types of data. The data are mainly under the subject areas of social sciences, medicine health and life sciences, earth and environmental sciences, and computer and information science. Geographically, the data cover Asia, Europe and the U.S..

The collection has the following sub-collections (i.e. sub-dataverses, a term which would be familiar to DR-NTU (Data) users):

*Numbers in the brackets are number of datasets in the sub-dataverse as of 14 May 2020.

In addition, there are another 48 datasets residing directly under the root collection.

The datasets are gaining good amount of attention! One popular dataset has attracted almost a hundred thousand downloads since it was published on 20 Feb 2020!

Ok, enough of Harvard Dataverse.

NTU researchers, you are welcome to use DR-NTU (Data) to share your research data and findings relevant to the novel COVID-19 outbreak. Timely access to research data and findings would be critical in accelerating the global efforts to contain the pandemic.

Feel free to contact us if you need any help on using DR-NTU (Data)!

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