Moving on from mental illness

Neo Wee Kang Daniel

Mr Lim Wui Liang


The photojournalism project, Moving On From Mental Illness, seeks to highlight the importance of caregiving in mental illness recovery through featuring the lives of three mental outpatients along with their caregivers. It shows their journey together in coping and moving on from mental illness. This project also offers a glimpse behind the ward doors of Institute of Mental Health.

Through a visual representation of their stories, the project hopes to raise awareness and promote empathy for the mentally ill and their caregivers. Being marginalised by stigmatisation, they need the society’s acceptance and understanding while they battle their illness towards recovery. With or without their illness, they are still a part of our society. As fellow Singaporeans, they deserve just as much help as any other patient who is facing a terminal physical illness along with their caregiver.

This project report highlights the author’s thought processes and various challenges faced in the different phases of the project, such as basic research, actual photographing, and the production of a photo book and exhibition. It also includes his insights on the stigmatisation of mental illness in Singapore’s present-day society.

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