Journey of recovery

Lim Lishan, Ngo Chu Ting

Mr Lim Wui-Liang



Journey of Recovery is an interactive photojournalism project that illustrates the recovery of four individuals from drug addiction in Singapore. Addiction is pervasive and exists in many forms, with drug addiction deemed to be one of the most socially unacceptable. Recovery from drug addiction is often an uphill battle, with subjects struggling with a myriad of effects from the physical, emotional, psychological to social. Recovering addicts such as our subjects have turned to creativity and self-expression as an outlet, setting new practices and faiths that have helped support their spiritual development in their life after drugs. Community support and understanding has been key in sustaining a non-judgemental environment that they can form new healthy habits and careers. In this project, we look beyond their past and focus on their current coping methods.

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