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The Career and Attachment Office recently organized a competition to find out from all ADM year 3 and year 4 students on what encapsulates a good internship experience – with an image and a caption ! The winning entries are as below ! We hope they can inspire you and get you excited on your internship journey!


SUA KAH YONG, JAMES (Product Design, Year 4)
What is a good internship to ADM students?
ADM students lean towards hands-on projects whereby a good internship would provide us with onside experiences. We get to try out industrial equipments that are applicable to our professions. As a student majoring in product design, internship is an excellent opportunity to work with a wide range of diverse professionals. Being a product designer, it is essential to liaise with various parties such as clots, manufacturers and other specialists. These collaborations would identify realistic design constraints and factors such as cost and sustainability in the real world compare to the conceptual designs we done in school.Lastly, it builds relationships and connections with the industry which is extremely beneficial as network building could serve as a stepping-stone towards promising jobs and opportunity in future.

Walt Disney SEAKITISUWANAKUL KAMONCHANOK (Digital Animation, Year 4)

What is a good internship to ADM students?
ADM Internship is a valuable opportunity to gain insight into a media company, develop professional skills and enjoy fun teamwork with kind welcoming co-workers.



 GOH HUI ZHEN, LENA (Digital Filmmaking, Year 4)
What is a good internship to ADM students?
Never settle.

Internship Websites Review

Useful  websites to check out for internship opportunities ! 

The ADM database list of internship companies will only be available to view in February 2016, but why wait until then? Get pro-active and start researching on companies over the holiday period before you are overwhelmed by assignments when the term starts in January!

Get yourself familiarized with the design internship culture in Singapore – who is hiring, what sort of criteria are companies looking for in a design intern, what learning opportunities are available, where are they located, how do you start applying and how much do they offer !

We reviewed these 4 platforms on the internet which can help get you started ! If you know of any other platforms that are also worth reviewing especially for ADM students, please write in and let us know!

1|   Glint

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 6.39.04 pm

Glint is a platform that caters to interns and jobseekers of various industries looking at various commitment level (full-time, part-time, intern). It is a user-friendly website with an abundance of registered companies looking for talents. Most job listings display detailed information about the job scope, expectations, salary range and even job location! No more guessing game!

• Comes with an efficiency search function that enables you to select the field in which you are interested in and also the commitment level (full-time, part-time, internship, etc.)

• For most companies, expected salary range and job location is clearly stated.

• Has a good number of creative job listings

• Reflects the number of people who have viewed a particular job posting – an indication of the job listing popularity.

• With a click of a separate tab, you can find out what other positions are offered by the same company

• Create an account to get direct updates and to apply for intern/job postings.


2|  Culture push

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 6.42.49 pm

Looking for an internship specific to the creative industry? Culture push is the exact site to go to! On this site, you can access internship postings that are specific to your creative liking from a media content intern to senior in-house photographer!

• The only platform that post daily job offerings via their various social media platforms! Great for those who are constantly hooked onto their Twitter and Facebook accounts !

• Comes with links on how to get creative with your job application.

• No account registration needed ! Direct e-mail address is provided to interested applicants to inquire about the job.

• No filter function so you will have to search through the pages for relevant job postings


3|  InternSG

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 6.46.41 pm

This is specifically designed for the hiring of interns only ! If you are looking only to start as an intern to learn the ropes before advancing onto a permanent job, then InternSG is a good platform to look into ! On there, you will find many offerings for interns for as little commitment as just 1 month !

Although do be reminded that to qualify for the 6 AU awarded by the ADM internship programme, you need to look for an internship that can provide you at least 10 weeks of training. (nothing less!)

• Almost all job information can be viewed at a glance, such as the commitment period required, location and the job title.

• Has a good number of creative job listings on it

• Easy search options to make searching for specific positions easier.


4|  NTU Talent site

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 6.52.05 pm

An informative site catering only to NTU students with an NTU account. Lots of job listings from large corporations specifically looking for NTU graduates, hence it is an advantageous search site for NTU students.

• Relatable search option that reflects job openings in your field of study.
E.g. Check ‘Art, Design and Media’ and related job openings will be reflected on list.

• There is an option to only reflect companies that have a track record of recruiting at least 100 NTU graduate previously!

• A guided job application that guides you to upload all required information needed.

• Provides a good glimpse of the demand of graduates from large corporations.

Review by Yuen Pei Yun