Yes, you may! This is a way of increasing your chances of getting hired or simply having more options to choose from. Do take note of the various deadline that is required of you from both the options. See the Internship Timeline for more information.
The ADM database of companies is available to view only in early February. This is because we need to collate as many companies as possible closer to the internship application date. If you are self-sourcing in advance for your ideal company to intern for and unsure whether the company may already be on the database, you can mention and check in with the company itself.
You can start self-sourcing at any time at your own pace and remember to submit the self-source form by 31st March ! Give yourself enough time for company replies and interviews to take place, so do try to self-source as soon as you have the time ! We recommend you to look through some past internship opportunities sent in by companies who already have interests in ADM students.  You can also look through the internship website review section. We also suggest that you speak to seniors who have been on an internship and also to your respective area faculty for recommendation of organizations to look into !

Please note that all self-source internships must be approved by ADM before you embark on the placement. Otherwise, you will not be eligible for credits even upon completion of the internship.

For an overview of the application timeline flow and self-source application form, please visit  Information for Students page.

Self-source applications are reviewed on a continuous rolling basis. We aim to respond to you in two weeks. However, if you do not hear from us in two weeks, please drop us an email to check in on the status. Please check in with Ms Jenny Lim at limsk@ntu.edu.sg. Kindly CC faculty co-ordinator Ms Angeline yam at angeline_yam@ntu.edu.sg in the same email too. Please take note of self-sourcing deadline which is typically 31st March.

  • The job scope of your internship must be related to the arts, design and media discipline.
  • Both you and the company must provide at least 10 weeks (May – July) of commitment to each other in order to receive the credits upon completions of the internship. Any extension in additional to the 10 weeks can be negotiated between you and the company without the school intervention.
  • Your reporting company supervisor should ideally posses an art, design or media background for a mutually beneficial internship.
  • Family related organizations should be avoided due to conflict of interest during assessment.
  • One person companies should be cautioned as an internship should allow you the opportunity to interact with different colleagues and also work in a team.

You are free to take up an internship opportunity which is different to what you may be studying in as long as the company sees that you have the appropriate skills to perform the role.  The job scope must be arts, design and media related. For e.g. a product design student taking up visual communication roles. However, do take note that the job scope of your internship must still be related to the arts, design and media discipline.

Unfortunately, no. Only internships taken up at the end of your third year between May to end of July are eligible for academic units (AU).  All internships taken outside of the third year internship programme are considered as personal self-enrichment placements and will not be eligible for credits.

Yes ! You may go on an overseas internship for a credit bearing internship programme!  Please check out the Overseas Internship (FAQ) site.

Internship briefings are held twice a year, typically in September and in January. Students are encouraged to attend at least one of the briefings. If you are unable to attend either of the briefings, you will have to keep a lookout for a follow-up of presentation slides that will be sent to all third year students after each internship briefing or get a trusted peer to keep you informed.

Briefing dates are often announced at least 2 weeks in advance with several reminders subsequently running up to the briefing date, the onus is on the students to keep a lookout for the emails in due time.

This shouldn't happen as all overseas exchange for third year students will only be approved for the first semester. If you find that you have been approved to go away in the second semester of your third year, please get in touch with the faculty internship coordinator at angeline_yam@ntu.edu.sg
Unfortunately no. The internship programme is compulsory to all ADM students as a core module in their third year and no exemptions will be provided.
When you complete your internship around end of July, the AU will only be reflected sometime around October. This is because the Career and Attachment office will require the time to process the grades for OAS (Office of Academic Service).

This is not an unusual scenario and can happen to anyone for a variety of reasons. It is therefore advisable that you use up all 5 options in round 1 application. If you are unsuccessful in round 1, a round 2 or even round 3 application will be opened up for you in due time. To increase your chances of getting hired, you can consider self-sourcing your own internship or look into career coaching and guidance services.