Overseas Internships

Students may go on an overseas internship for a credit bearing internship programme ! If the overseas company is not on the database, then an overseas internship will be treated as a self-source internship. An overseas internship will have to abide by the same criteria as a regular local internship in terms of assessment and time of commitment from both parties (at least 10 weeks).

The NTU central Career and Attachment unit overseeing the entire university internship programme can assist and advise further. Please visit the website here. Most overseas internships that have been embarked on by ADM students are either self-sourced or consulted through the Career and Attachment Overseas unit Office.

There are a number of things to keep in mind when going on an overseas internship that you need to consider:

  • relevant visa permit for a short internship stint (keep in mind that you should not be working on a tourist visa unless permitted by the host country). ADM will not approve a self-sourced overseas internship unless a valid internship working visa can be obtained from the host country
  • time taken to apply for an internship work visa/permit
  • additional expenses such as air tickets, accommodation and other daily necessity cost that you may incur
  • commitment period of at least 10 weeks starting around mid May – mid July

For advise on the legality and application procedures of working visa and permits, please get in touch with the NTU overseas internship division – Mr Desmond Wood at desmondwoo@ntu.edu.sg

For further clarification, please email ADM faculty co-ordinator – Ms Angeline Yam at  angeline_yam@ntu.edu.sg