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Pre-Internship information

Reflective e-journals

  • You are expected to submit 3 reflective online e-journals on week 2, week 6 and week 11.
  • This is to be done online through your Inplace portal login.
  • Instructions will be emailed to you from CAO when the InPlace portal is open for submission. You can then view what you need to reflect and write in due time.

Faculty mentors

  • A faculty mentor will be allocated to you closer to the start date of your internship, or at least on the first week of your internship. This will be displayed through your InPlace portal in due time.
  • Faculty mentor will be assessing your reflective e-journals and will also be checking in with your respective company on your performance progress around week 5.
  • Faculty mentor will be the contact point of any issues that arises from your internship. Please familiarize yourself with him/her contact details in the InPlace portal.
  • Faculty mentor do not usually interfere with the internship process but they act as a contact point for both student and the company.
  • If you encounter any issues during your internship, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your faculty mentor.
  • Do not leave any issues to the last minute which can often be too late to resolve, get in touch with your faculty mentor at any point if you need to.

Checking in with the company

  • Check-in with your company a couple of days beforehand to remind them of your agreed internship start date.
  • Confirm reporting time and reporting instructions especially for the first day.
  • Turn up punctually for work or as per instructed if you are to work from home

Information for your company

There is typically not much on the organization end to prepare except to note the below. You can let your company know of the following guide/pointers.

  • Faculty mentor will check-in with the organization supervisor mid-way through the internship to find out if everything is going well in which case we hope the supervisor can respond and feedback accordingly.
  • Towards the end of the internship, a link will be emailed to the organization supervisor for him/her to assess student performance. Please kindly remind your supervisor to complete this assessment in due time.
  • It will be helpful for organization to work out the tools necessary for student, provide some work plan structures, objectives and deliverables where possible as well as regular check-in and progress update if student is working from home.

Detailed Training Programme (DTP)

A detailed training programme (DTP) form is to be filled up together in discussion with your organization supervisor. The DTP helps to briefly map out the tentative job scope that you will be undertaking during during your internship. Please discuss this together with your direct organization supervisor during the first two week of your internship and upload it onto InPlace portal by the end of week 2 of your internship. You can also download the form from InPlace portal.