Brand Advertising – PUMA

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Brand Advertising – PUMA

Abstract or Summary of Project

An advertising project in which students have to create an advertisement for a brand in newspaper, magazine, iPad, iPhone, and gif.banner formats.


The main color chosen was yellow, to represent lightning and speed, as well as to grab attention. Shapes in the background were inspired from the form of the PUMA logo, arranged in a way that helps to guide the viewers eyes around information on the page – They are also symbolic of speed lines. The students also had to explore photography, lighting, and photo editing in order to transform a raw photo into one that was suitable for the brand – In this case, there was digital painting of the hair to create a flowing effect, editing of the model’s silhouette to create a fitter and more sporty look, and editing the lighting to create a more dramatic and intense feel.


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March 15, 2017

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