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One True Pairing

Abstract or Summary of Project

One True Pairing: An informal marriage preparation tool for millennials

Although millennials are spending more time in their search for suitable partners, marriages have ironically become increasingly short-lived. This could be attributed to the cultural shift in marriage expectations — rather than marrying for socio-economic reasons, the younger cohorts are settling for romantic love instead. Such notions have sometimes placed unrealistic expectations on marriages, which could go on to become the cause of disappointment, and eventually dissolution, when couples are put to the test of the daily grind after tying the knot. Hence, couples may not be fully prepared before making a commitment.

One True Pairing is a card game targeted at millennial couples who are dating with marriage in mind. This informal marriage preparation resource aims to encourage conversations surrounding marital expectations early on in their relationships in the hopes of better preparing them for a lifetime together.

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Posted on

May 2, 2019