AY2015/16 Internship briefing

A second internship talk for AY2015/16 was organized in January 2016 for those who missed the first round back in November 2015.

Final year Digital Filmmaking student, Lena Goh was invited to share with everyone her experiences being in the team of Marina Bay Sands.  She was featured a while ago in one of our blogpost, sharing about her highlights while on the job. One of it being her most unforgettable experience – having the opportunity of meeting and working with internationally renowned celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay!

Lena sure did enlightened a roomful of potential student interns, all hungry to get a taste of the real world experience! She shared some of her job scopes and even screened a few videos to present what her team at work had done. Lena also provided some useful tips, from how to go about preparing one’s portfolio, to what students should keep in mind when preparing for the interview!


Above: Lena presenting “behind the scenes” work with the video production team!  They were working on the video production to promote Gordon Ramsay’s new restaurant at MBS.


Above: Lena sharing some of the places she visited while on the job and also the responsibilities she undertook while interning with MBS.

IMG_1789-txgv51 copy

Above: Ms Angeline Yam, the ADM internship co-ordinator going through the pros and cons of the self-source internship option.

Below: The NTU Career and Attachment staff were also present at the talk to answer various internship application procedure questions from students after the talk.




Review by Yuen Pei Yun



The Career and Attachment Office recently organized a competition to find out from all ADM year 3 and year 4 students on what encapsulates a good internship experience – with an image and a caption ! The winning entries are as below ! We hope they can inspire you and get you excited on your internship journey!


SUA KAH YONG, JAMES (Product Design, Year 4)
What is a good internship to ADM students?
ADM students lean towards hands-on projects whereby a good internship would provide us with onside experiences. We get to try out industrial equipments that are applicable to our professions. As a student majoring in product design, internship is an excellent opportunity to work with a wide range of diverse professionals. Being a product designer, it is essential to liaise with various parties such as clots, manufacturers and other specialists. These collaborations would identify realistic design constraints and factors such as cost and sustainability in the real world compare to the conceptual designs we done in school.Lastly, it builds relationships and connections with the industry which is extremely beneficial as network building could serve as a stepping-stone towards promising jobs and opportunity in future.

Walt Disney SEAKITISUWANAKUL KAMONCHANOK (Digital Animation, Year 4)

What is a good internship to ADM students?
ADM Internship is a valuable opportunity to gain insight into a media company, develop professional skills and enjoy fun teamwork with kind welcoming co-workers.



 GOH HUI ZHEN, LENA (Digital Filmmaking, Year 4)
What is a good internship to ADM students?
Never settle.



Lena is a digital filmmaking student who interned with Marina Bay Sands (MBS) for 10 weeks under the 2015 ADM internship programme. She was attached to the organization via the ADM database of companies. All companies under this ADM database are companies who are already looking and eager to provide internship experiences to our ADM students !

Lena will be sharing with everyone her internship experience in person on the 28th of January 2016, 12:00pm @ Library Cinema Room . Do come by and listen to what she has to say!  She will be there to answer questions and provide useful advises! Meanwhile, below is a sneak peek of Lena’s experiences with MBS!

What first got you interested in the ADM internship programme?
“Internship is 6 AUs worth? Hmm…” Spending the summer break earning some money, doing cool new things at work while adding value to my resumé, and even shaving off some AUs? Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

What was the most memorable experience during your internship?
Just experiencing the whole running of the company, really. I chose a pretty big company that has about 9000 employees, so it was pretty cool to see how everything was run and how they try to unite their employees through various company activities.

I mean, it was a huge corporate organization that was run based on both Singaporean and American laws.  It is the company culture that every employee, no matter what their position is will be introduced as a ‘team member’ of the organization. Regular events are often held for all team members. For instant,  there was a dinner invitation to all muslim employees to break Ramada fasting together. Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to participate in such events during my short stint there.

What was the coolest/weirdest/craziest thing that happened while on the job?
I think the highlight would easily be meeting celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay in person for a video shoot. Gordon Ramsay came to Marina Bay Sands (where I was interning) for the opening of his new celebrity restaurant Bread Street Kitchen. The whole video production crew worked like clockwork trying to get things done quickly and precisely so we wouldn’t have to keep Gordon waiting.

I was basically the intern doing a bunch of simple technical things on set like running to retrieve extension cables, taking down lights and adjusting the props. I was also clapping the slate in front of Gordon’s face !

What would you say is the biggest takeaway from the entire internship programme?
A cool experience and I made a really good friend. She’s a full-time staff at MBS whom I worked very closely with in the second half of my internship. She was greatly helpful in making my time at MBS worth looking forward to each day, by sharing advise with me what to take note of when working with certain colleagues and also connecting me with some other fun colleagues from other departments !


For all year 3 students who missed the first internship briefing held in November 2015, we have arranged a second session for you !
Date: 28th January, Thursday
Time: 12.00pm – 13.00pm
Venue: Library Cinema Room
To get an idea of what has been briefed at the first internship briefing in November, visit the following link for a sneak peak !
The internship programme will be held from 9th may – 16th july 2016
Briefing session itinerary for 28th January are as follow: 

12noon – 12:30pm
Show and tell session by final year film student Lena Goh

Lena was attached with Marina Bay sands during her 3rd year internship stint via the ADM database list of companies. She spent 10 weeks with the video production team working on celebrity chef – Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant opening. She will be sharing with everyone her experiences and tips in securing an internship.

Come by and seek some first-hand valuable advice from someone who has been through the internship programme! 
12:30pm – 12:45pm
Internship application procedure briefing by Lecturer Angeline Yam (Internship coordinator)
• A short briefing of the application procedure online and the different types of internship routes one can take up. 
• Important things to take note when apply and accepting an internship offer.
• A preview of participating companies who are ready to take on ADM students.

12:45pm – 1pm
Informal mingling session 

For those who are too shy to ask questions, this will be a good time for you to mingle informally with us to clarify any burning questions that you may have on the internship programme.

We hope to see you there ! 
Refreshments will be served and seats are limited, so remember to mark the date in your calendar! 

November 2015 Internship Briefing


Hello there! On the 18th November 2015, ADM had its annual internship briefing for all Year 3 students who are considering to take up the ADM internship between May – July 2016.  Several speakers were invited to provide useful information on the importance of taking up a design internship.

Foreign Policy Design Group

Arthur Chin from Foreign Policy Design Group was specially invited to speak to ADM students on the benefits of taking on an internship for career building. Together with him, ADM alumni, Aurial Lee who graduated from Visual Communications 2 years ago also came by to share how her experiences of being an intern with Foreign Policy Design Group provided her the opportunity to grow as a designer. She is now a full time designer with the company and has recently been promoted.

IMG_0851Arthur Chin from Foreign Policy Design Group

IMG_0858-editedADM alumni, Aurial Lee from Foreign Policy Design Group on some of the projects she has been involved in

ADM student

Angela Yu Anqi, final year student from Product Design also shared her internship experience and tips on how to secure an internship position when she was a 3rd year student. Angela took the students through her journey – from drafting her CV from scratch to how she landed an internship with the Land Transport Authority (LTA). Her internship stint with LTA provided her the opportunity to work with design innovation firm IDEO on how to improve the public transport system in Singapore !

IMG_0878 Angela talking through her experiences working with LTA and IDEO

IMG_0872Angela highlighting useful tips on the process of applying for an internship position

NTU Career and Attachment Office (CAO)

The NTU Career and Attachment office (CAO) representatives were also present to take the students through the internship application procedure – they outlined some important deadlines as well step-by-step instructions on how to go about registering for the internship online !

IMG_0927-edited Representative from NTU Career and Attachment Office

IMG_0930Brochure prepared by NTU Career and Attachment Office

End of session Q&A

At the end of the session, students were provided the chance to mingle with all the speakers and walked away with lots of valuable first-hand advice and tips!





Second internship briefing in January 2016

For those who missed the first briefing, there will be another upcoming one in the month of January 2016. More details will follow-up in due time. Keep your eyes peeled for the email !

Review by Yuen Pei Yun