January 2017 Internship Briefing

A second internship briefing session was held on 24th January 2017 for those who have missed the first round of briefings. Industry speakers from DIA Brands – Creative Director, Quentin Berryman  and CEO, Nigel Smith were invited to speak with the 3rd year students about the importance of a design internship and also to share with them the agency’s work. Representatives from the Career and Attachment Office were also present to brief ADM students on the expectations of an ADM internship, the application process and the internship assessment criteria. It was a fruitful session as students got to hear from professionals from the industry as well as to collect important information regarding the ADM Internship.

DIA Brands

It was an engaging session with CEO of DIA Brands,  Nigel Smith, as he kicked off the first half of the briefing by drawing links between the brain’s ability to perceive and remember imagery, to the way how a brand mark is conceived and recognized by the masses. Nigel also shared about what goes into consideration when agencies create a “remarkable branding”. An introduction to the agency’s work was also shared. We ended the first half of briefing with a “Guess-The-Brand” game where only a part of a brand mark is shown and we are supposed to guess the brand from that. It is interesting to see how we all managed to guess most of the brands with only a part of the brand mark shown, and that shows these brands are successful in creating a lasting impression amongst the masses.

Above: Nigel sharing the secret to creating a “remarkable brand”.

Above: Some of DIA Brands’ works.

Above: Game time ! Playing the game of “Guess the Brand”.

NTU Career and Attachment Office (CAO)

The NTU Career and Attachment office (CAO) representatives were also present to brief the 3rd year students regarding the internship application procedure and requirements. Ms Pfeiffer Chung from CAO, went through the dos-and-donts during internship, and also talked about the internship assessment criteria.

Above: Ms Pfeiffer Chung sharing  guidelines of how to self-sourcing your own internship.


There was also a chance for students to interact with the industry guest speakers, staff from CAO and Ms Angeline Yam, the ADM Internship Coordinator to find out more clarify any questions about the ADM Internship.

Above: Students having a chat with Creative Director Quentin Berryman, from DIA Brands.

Review by Lee Ming Rui