The Career and Attachment Office recently organized a competition to find out from all ADM year 3 and year 4 students on what encapsulates a good internship experience – with an image and a caption ! The winning entries are as below ! We hope they can inspire you and get you excited on your internship journey!


SUA KAH YONG, JAMES (Product Design, Year 4)
What is a good internship to ADM students?
ADM students lean towards hands-on projects whereby a good internship would provide us with onside experiences. We get to try out industrial equipments that are applicable to our professions. As a student majoring in product design, internship is an excellent opportunity to work with a wide range of diverse professionals. Being a product designer, it is essential to liaise with various parties such as clots, manufacturers and other specialists. These collaborations would identify realistic design constraints and factors such as cost and sustainability in the real world compare to the conceptual designs we done in school.Lastly, it builds relationships and connections with the industry which is extremely beneficial as network building could serve as a stepping-stone towards promising jobs and opportunity in future.

Walt Disney SEAKITISUWANAKUL KAMONCHANOK (Digital Animation, Year 4)

What is a good internship to ADM students?
ADM Internship is a valuable opportunity to gain insight into a media company, develop professional skills and enjoy fun teamwork with kind welcoming co-workers.



 GOH HUI ZHEN, LENA (Digital Filmmaking, Year 4)
What is a good internship to ADM students?
Never settle.

Internship Websites Review

As an ADM student, it can be frustrating to look for creative jobs in Singapore. Here are some useful websites to check out for internship opportunities. If you know of any other platforms that are also worth reviewing for ADM students, please write in and let us know!

Cultjobs|Indeed|Linkedin|Jobs on Facebook|Glints|NTU CareerAxis|Glassdoor|Internsg|ADM Internship Opportunities

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