The 2017 Undergraduate Awards: Ms. Scarlet Leong Xin Min

The 2017 Undergraduate Awards in Asia Region: Ms. Scarlet Leong Xin Min

Ms. Scarlet Leong Xin Min, our recent psychology graduate of 2016-17 and Dr. Andy Ho’s URECA student, has been awarded The 2017 Undergraduate Awards – Asia Regional Winner in the Psychology – for her URECA paper, “Mindful-Art Making: A Pilot Approach for reducing burnout among hospice care workers”.  The Undergraduate Awards (UA) is the world’s largest international academic awards programme, recognising innovation and excellence at undergraduate level.  Cited as the ultimate champion for high-potential undergraduates, UA identifies leading creative thinkers through their undergraduate coursework and provides top performing students with the support, network and opportunities they require to raise their profiles and further their career paths, and to encourage greater participation in the future.

See below for Scarlet’s brief reflection on her award.

“Thank you Professor Andy for the privilege to reflect and journal my learning during my time as an undergraduate researcher at the ARCH Lab; with whom, I was able to embark on research topics of my interest and passion. I would also like to take this chance to also relay my gratitude to the rest of the very capable team at ARCH for being honest critics and raving fans during the 2 years embarking onto various research projects. As an affirmation of the good work that we do at ARCH, I am humbled to have one of our research projects – ‘Mindful Art Making – A pilot approach for reducing burnout among hospice care workers’ – recently been acknowledged at the Undergraduate Awards (UA). It is my pleasure to share that
not only was the paper shortlisted as a Highly Commended Entrant but it also was named as the Regional Winner (Asia) title for Psychology. This commendation bears testament to the relevant, high-quality and socially-conscious work that ARCH lab stands for.

The ‘Mindful Art Making’ paper stems from a larger research project helmed by Professor Andy. Although I was a Psychology major, I have always had an appreciation towards the study of visual arts and therefore leaped at the chance of knowing more about the ‘Mindful Art Making’ research project when I got to know about it. I then had the opportunity of being a part of the project in my third year as an undergraduate by embarking on it in conjunction with an NTU-based research initiative for undergraduates – URECA – that fulfils my academic credits towards graduation as well. It was a double blessing! However, data collection was
a tedious process. In retrospect, I believe it instilled a discipline and a rigor for research that also prepared me for my honours thesis project the following year. Yet, all the hard work seemed worth it when we witnessed the unfolding of significant results supporting the research hypothesis. All in all, the research process become not only extrinsically rewarding but intrinsically fulfilling, and I am therefore humbled to have our home-grown paper mentioned on an international platform.

To quote one of my favourite philosophers, Seneca, “If a man knows not to which port he sails, no wind is favourable.”. I urge you who are reading this to press on in your research journey despite choppy waters and foggy weather and to be amongst wise counsel who’ll guide you nearer to your destination. To God be the glory!”

From Left to Right: Scarlet Leong and Dr. Andy Ho

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