Third Meeting Log

Location: TR +115

Nguyen Hong Hai
Chew Yong Huai, Ivin
Chen Yuan Long
Cheong Kai Xiang
Nurulaini Bte Ali
Ong Qian YU

Scribe: Nurulaini Bte Ali


1. Filming the first video, along with the compilation and editing
2. Discussing on doing the second video and finalize the content on the implications to the society

Meeting Log

1. Kai Xiang brought his camera to do the filming.
2. Assigning parts to each other; Introduction or Chemical Concept
3. Filming began on doing the video as we filmed one by one, individually

4. Venue and video content for the second video was decided for next meeting

Action List:

1. Hong Hai will send the video we filmed today  by Friday, 20th March 2015.

Next meeting:

Tentatively set on 1st April 2015 after lecture

Next meeting agenda:

1. To produce the second video


Meeting started at 3pm and ended at 5pm