You can request for book chapters, periodical articles (e.g. journal articles, conference papers and proceedings), theses, dissertations and government documents and technical reports etc. if these are not available in NTU Libraries.

This service is available to all –

  • NTU academic and administrative staff, including SIMTech staff
  • NTU postgraduate students
  • NTU undergraduate students
  • NTU Library associate members

The request must be needed for research or coursework, and not for personal use.

Please check the requests against the NTU Library Catalogue and e-resources before submitting a request.

How long does it take?

The average turnaround time ranges from 1-7 working days. However, hard-to-find items may take a longer time, around 3-8 weeks.

How to request for a document?

 Undergraduate students

 Postgraduate students

 Academic & administrative staff

Click here to access the form directly, or log into StudentLink and then Library Services > Document Delivery Request to submit your requests. Click here to access the form directly, or log into GSLink and then General Services > Library Services > Document Delivery Request to submit your requests. Click here to access the form directly, or log into Stafflink and then Resource Request > Library Services > Document Delivery Request to submit your requests.

For NTU staff with no access to Stafflink, SIMtech staff and associate members
Please use the Document Delivery form and email it to
Please fill in one form for each request. Please note that only completed forms will be processed.

How much does it cost?

This is a fee-based service and fees chargeable vary according to each supplier. We will place order with a particular supplier depending on availability of the requested document.

The table below shows the estimated fees chargeable:

Journal article From S$12 to S$80
Average S$25
Conference proceedings From S$20 to S$80
Average S$35
Thesis, Dissertation, Book chapter, and Others From S$20 to S$100
Average S$40

The prices stated above are derived from historical prices (in the last few years) in our procurement in the various types of document requested. They are meant as a guide and are not authoritative.

How do I pay for my request?

There are four payment options available:

  1. Charge to your library account. You can pay at the e-payment kiosks by Cashcard or NETS.
  2. Charge to your School/Division teaching material vote.
    Please obtain necessary approval from your Chair or authorised staff prior to submitting the request. Please provide the relevant Account number to charge to on the form.
  3. Charge to your applied research project fund if the requested document is for a particular research project. Please provide your Applied Research Account number (max. 16 digits) on the form. Academic staff are encouraged to use their research funds to pay for document delivery.
  4. Charge to the Library.
    As this is a costly service and library funds are limited, please request the articles judiciously and responsibly.

The Library will pay for the procurement of documents requested by eligible staff and students subject to request quotas, availability of allocated Library funds and the requester’s access to research funds. The Library will subsidise requests for students and staff with no access to research/ teaching materials funds and must declare that they are using the requested documents for their research, teaching or project work.

How do I collect the document?

The Library endeavours to deliver articles received in e-format to requesters electronically, subject to Copyright regulations. For electronic delivery, you will be e-mailed a URL to access your article in PDF format. Please ensure that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

When prompted for username and password, please specify your domain and type staffusername or studentusername and your password. This should be the same username and password which you use to access the network account in NTU or check your webmail.Please check your e-mail regularly as your document will be deleted after 14 days from the server.

If you are unable to access your e-mail account due to travel, please notify the Library to maintain your article in the server longer.

For articles received by post or fax, you will be able to collect them at the Service Desk of the Library which you have indicated in your request form.


Due to copyright restrictions, you will only be allowed to print one copy for research or study. No further reproduction and distribution of the copy is permitted by transmission or other means.

All requests for document delivery of materials must comply with the provisions of the

Copyright Act and are restricted to materials for the purpose of teaching, private study/research, or University-related research.

The request form includes a copyright declaration. Document requested is to be used for personal research or for a non-commercial purpose. The requester shall be liable for infringement of copyright should his / her declaration be false.

Contact for assistance

For enquiry on the status of your document delivery request, please contact Access Services Division at 6790 4691 or email