The Mindful Revolution – The film


The film, “The Mindful Revolution”, will be screened at the upcoming THIS (Thus Have I Seen) Buddhist Film Festival.

The international trailer for the film “Walk With Me” has just been released. “‘Walk With Me’ is a meditative and intimate insight into a community of Buddhist monks and nuns who have given up all their possessions, left their homes and parted with their life savings for one common purpose – to practice of the art of mindfulness and the teachings of the world-renowned Zen Buddhist Master, Thich Nhat Hanh.” Watch the trailer on YouTube  and visit the film website:

Click here for more details about the film festival.

Mindfulness Inside & Out with Dr Kian Bee Ng

Mindfulness is a big buzz word in the corporate world today, what with companies like Google introducing workers to new ways of reducing stress through meditation, yoga classes, and colouring-in books. But what is it really? And how does it work? Join us on Tuesday 27 September at 7pm for an insightful and practical look at mindfulness from the perspective of the brain: how it functions, how certain practices enhance the way your brain works, and how you can really benefit from mindfulness.

Dr Kian Bee Ng, is a neuroscientist by training and a practiced academic with an educational institution in Singapore. He obtained his PhD from Queensland Brain Institute and was a visiting scholar to Harvard Medical School, and is an INSEAD alumnus from the IDP-C Program. 

With almost 2 decades of working experience in the field of engineering, business development, research and education , Kian is interested in studying the activation of brain networks related to human learning and environment. He is also keenly passionate about applying neuroscience for business and marketing as he believes that the more we understand the connectivity of our brain, the more we can attain better mental health and make better individual and business decisions. 

Kian will be sharing systematic and evidence-based studies to link mindfulness with the way we operate in a business environment, to evoke tangible rewards in personal performance, decision making and best practices.

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Finding Mindfulness in a Conference

For those interested in mindfulness research, attending a conference focused on mindfulness research is a real treat. Such was my experience of attending the Second International Conference on Mindfulness recently.

The Second International Conference on Mindfulness was held between 11 May to 15 May 2016 at the Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. The conference program was very rich, and was well-attended by over 400 participants from many countries. It featured keynote speakers like Ven. Bhikkhu Analayo, Rebecca Crane, Peter Malinowski, to name a few.  They spoke on diverse topics related to mindfulness, such as the early Buddhist perspectives, attention, and meditation training. The symposium and posters sessions were also equally rich in diversity. Those interested to check out the whole program at-a-glance can click here, while the book of abstracts can be downloaded here. I am pretty sure you can find something that interest you.

One unique thing about this conferences is perhaps the numerous opportunities for mindfulness or meditation experience. For example, there were daily meditation sessions held during the conference at 7.30 am, where different styles of meditation (e.g., Tibetan, Chan) are introduced. There was even a Shao Lin martial arts demonstration, which got us trying out some mindful movements on the spot.

The next edition of this conference will probably be held at the University of Amsterdam in 2018.

~ contributed by Adrian Kee