Lim Chun Jie, Eric

Mindfulness Teacher, Psychologist

Research Interests
Perceived Stress Levels, Mental Well-being, Sleep Quality, Mindfulness for working adults, parents, youth and children

Eric is a Mindfulness Psychologist at Brahm Centre. He spearheads the curriculum development and research efforts of the mindfulness programmes. He is a certified .b and Paws b teacher from the Mindfulness in Schools Project (UK), and conducts both courses for children and youths at Brahm Centre and in schools. He has most recently completed the practicum in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) from the Centre For Mindfulness (CFM) University of Massachusetts Medical School. He has worked with children, youths, parents, young adults and caregivers in conducting mindfulness talks and workshops. Organisations include Singapore Management University, School of the Arts, Hwa Chong Institution, Nanyang Girls High School, Nanyang Polytechnic, Asian Civilization Museum.

Fannie Kiat Hui Khng

Psychologist, Researcher

Research Interests
attention, child development, cognitive psychology, executive functions, inhibition, mindfulness

Fannie is a research scientist with the Education and Cognitive Development Lab at the National Institute of Education, in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Her main research focus is on the cognitive science of learning, development, and performance, on both behavioral and neurophysiological levels. She is particularly interested in the study of inhibitory control and attention, and their role in cognitive-emotional self-regulation in children and adolescents. Her work includes investigations into the effects, mechanisms and boundary conditions of mindfulness, and mindfulness in education.


Shian-Ling Keng

Mindfulness Teacher, Psychologist, Researcher

Research Interests
borderline personality disorder, Depression, efficacy and mechanisms of mindfulness-based interventions, emotion regulation, mindfulness meditation

Dr. Shian-Ling Keng is trained as a clinical psychologist and a qualified MBSR teacher. She is also an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at National University of Singapore. Her research interests include a) efficacy and mechanisms of change of cognitive behavioral and mindfulness-based interventions, b) emotion regulation, and c) mindfulness meditation. She is also interested in researching adaptation, implementation and dissemination of empirically supported interventions in Southeast Asia and cross-cultural presentations of psychopathology, in particular depression and borderline personality disorder. Shian-Ling has received clinical training in cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and other mindfulness-based approaches such as mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. She has worked in hospital and clinic settings with patients of a variety of diagnoses, including mood, anxiety, substance use, and personality disorders. She aspires to help improve the quality and accessibility of mental health services in Southeast Asia through teaching, research, advocacy and community outreach.